The 10th Sino american logistics conference & International Logistics and supply Chain academic forum

Date: June 15, 2019

Location: Jinan, shandong, china

Supported by:  Jinan Municipal People’s Government


  • Jinan Logistics Bureau
  • Sino American Logistics Council
  • Shandong University of Finance and Economics

About 200 people are expected to attend. Audience are mainly students and faculty from universities in Shandong province. Some companies and major industrial associations in Shandong are invited as well.

Presentations of research by US professors:

Each Presentation is expected to be 30 mins, translation will be provided for English presenters

The Proper Application of Lean Six Sigma in Supply Chain Management

Description: The use of Lean, Six Sigma, and other improvement tools have proliferated throughout organizations for decades. The problem is that many of these programs fail or never achieve the expected results. This talk discusses why these programs fail and what can be done to make them successful while avoiding the problems.

  • Prof. Douglas Hales

The Use of Design Thinking with Lean Six Sigma

Description: The Lean Six Sigma programs can be powerful process improvement techniques. However, they have been shown not to support Ideation. A new technique called Design Thinking has been developed to radically increase the number of ideas that can be translated to alternative solutions. This has shown not only to increase the number of alternative solutions but result in more effective solutions.

  • Prof. Mehmet G. Yalcin

Cutting distribution cost with lean transportation

  • Prof. Henrik Sternberg

Description: What happens when you let your carriers wait? And how can we make distribution cheaper and more efficient by applying Lean thinking? Henrik will show you the results from recent research on waiting times and Lean distribution, including tested methodologies and smartphone apps developed in collaboration with companies such as, e.g., Volvo and Schenker. Dr. Sternberg has worked with over 8000 drivers and has analyzed millions of observations. Data from the US, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.

Humanitarian Supply Chain Management

  • Prof. Koray Ozpolat

The Growth of the Secondary Market: An Analysis & Comparison of the Post-Retail Market in the U.S. & China

  • Prof. Chen Haozhe

Description: Secondary markets refer to the supply chain systems that move slow-moving, obsolete, or returned products through different channels to minimize financial losses or achieve profit. Using empirical data collected from both the U.S. and China, this study investigates the status and growth trends of the secondary market channels.

The Development of (Inland) Logistics Parks in U.S.

  • Prof. Feng Tian

In this presentation, we introduce the evolution of logistics parks in the Unite States. The focus is on the role logistics parks play in today’s global supply chain. We will discuss factors that impact the development of a logistics park, and how a logistics park can help companies compete by providing various value added services. Examples are used to demonstrate how inland logistics parks are created in Chicago area.

Status and Developments of Green Supply Chain

  • Prof. John Wu

Current status and near future developments of sustainability in supply chain management, including topics in transportation planning, clean energy, vehicle and infrastructure integration, shared economy, and e-commerce.

Supply Chain Integration through International Transportation Networks

  • Prof. Ping Wang

Food Supply Chain Management 

  • Chung Tam


  • Prof. Cao Mei

June 16, 2019

Jinan, shandong, china

The 10th Sino american logistics conference

& Jinan International Supply Chain Talent Innovation Demonstration City forum

Supported by:  Jinan Municipal People’s Government


  • Jinan Logistics Bureau
  • Sino American Logistics Council
  • Shandong University of Finance and Economics
  • Jinan Vocational College

About 300 people are expected to attend. Audience are from government, industry, and schools

morning (9:00-12:30)

9:00-9:20 Opening ceremony (20 minutes)

主持人宣布会议开始并介绍主要嘉宾The moderator will announce the start of the conference and introduced the American delegation and the main guests from China side

中美主办方领导开幕致词Opening remarks from organizers:

ww  Deputy Mayor/Mayor of 济南市人民政府领导Jinan Municipal People’s Government

ww   Ms. Laurie Denham, 中美物流联合会常务副会长、美国国家供应链竞争力顾问委员会副主席Executive Vice President of Sino American Logistics Council        劳尔.邓汉姆Ms

9:20-10:35 Keynote speech (75 minutes)

物流集群发展:带给济南的机遇Logistics Cluster Development: Opportunities for Jinan

  • 中国务院发展研究中心市场经济研究所所长王微Wang Wei, Director General of the Market Economy Research Institute of the Development Research Center of China State Council

全球物流业投资的最新趋势和中美行业合作机会The latest trends in global logistics investment and Sino-US industry cooperation opportunities

The recent years have seen a tremendous increase in investment in the logistics industry both in US and China. One of the reasons is emergence of technology based companies challenging the traditional asset based companies moving the trillion dollar global commerce. What companies are attracting investors? What is the outlook for asset vs technology based logistics firms? What opportunities are there for overseas investors?

  • Mr. 中美物流联合会会长理查德.克拉克Richard Gluck, President of Sino American Logistics Council

wOutlook for Jinan Logistics Development

  • 济南市口岸与物流办主任孙志刚Sun Zhigang, Director of Jinan Logistics Bureau

10:35-10:45 Break

10:45-10:55 Agreement Signing Ceremony (10 mins)

  • 《共建济南国际供应链人才创新示范城市合作协议》签署仪式Jinan International Supply Chain Talent Innovation Demonstration City Signing Ceremony

签署双方:济南市口岸与物流办、中美物流联合会Signing parties: Jinan Logistics Bureau, Sino American Logistics Council

Witness: 邀请济南市政府、国务院发展研究中心领导作为见证嘉宾Deputy Mayor / Mayor of Jinan Municipal Government, Representative from Development Research Center of China State Council


10:55- 11:35 Experts’ Presentation (40 mins)

Innovation in Education – New pathway to a prestigious graduate degree in Supply Chain Management

The speaker will present a new program offering Chinese students a new pathway to a Master’s degree from an AACSB accredited university. Students who complete the preparatory program in China will be admitted into the URI Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management and Analytics program without addition GRE or TOELF testing, and granted 2 course credits towards the degree.

  • Speaker – Prof. Douglas Hales, Associate Dean and Professor, Business School, University of Rhode Island, Co-presenter: Wanda Li北京物资学院物流学院院长、教授姜旭

Exploration of China’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management Education Internationalization

  • Jiang Xu, Dean and Professor of the School of Logistics, Beijing Wuzi University

11:35-12:20 Panel Discussion ( 45 mins )专家对话:欧美国家物流政策如何驱动物流业的效率提升及对中国的经验借鉴(70分钟)PPanePan

How European and American logistics policies drive the efficiency of the logistics industry and how China can learn from their experience

How government policy and oversight of the logistics industry can be organized to promote efficiency and innovation? The panel will draw from U.S. and European experience and discuss possible transferable lessons for China. (Invited接受中国交通运输部委托,中美物流联合会欧美专家团队在会长理查德先生带领下,进行了《欧美货运与物流管理体制研究及经验借鉴》研究以支撑《中国物流管理体制研究》。InviteIInvi by China Ministry of Transportation, Sino American Logistics Council conducted research on European Freight and Logistics Management System Research and Experiences to help MOT develop logistics industry reform policies.)对话将分享部分研究成果,包括欧美国家的货物运输与物流管理体制变迁历程、现状、特点,与中国专家一同探讨如何结合中国物流管理体制的运行情况,提供适用于中国物流管理体制改革学习和借鉴的经验。


  • Mr. Richard Gluck, President of Sino American Logistics Council
  • Mr. Chung Tam, Executive Director of Sino American Logistics Council
  • Dr. Henrik Sternberg, Assistant Professor of Iowa State University
  • Dr. Wang Wei, Director General of the Market Economy Research Institute of the Development Research Center of China State Council

Afternoon (14:00-17:00)

14:00-16:00 Experts’ 主题演讲(40分钟)Presentation (120 mins)

Development of the US Inland Port and Logistics Park

  • 演讲人:州长州立大学教授Dr. Feng TianTian, Associate Professor, Governor State University       


TOPIC TBD                           Koray

  • 加州州立大学终身教授Dr. John Wu Professor, California State University San Bernardino 

Key success factors of Lean Six Sigma in a networked service environment

  • 演讲人:德州A&M农工大学教授Dr. Ping Wang, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University               Ping Wang

Gamifying Assessment of an Operations and Supply Chain Management Course: Impact on Student Perceptions and Content Knowledge

  • 罗德岛大学终身教授Dr. Koray OzpolatOzpolat, Associate Professor, University of Rhode Island

Case Study on School-industry cooperation innovation

First Pilot Capstone Internship Project in China

Discuss the experience of the pilot capstone internship of the Sino-American Logistics Program. This program is modeled after US capstone projects where students are expected to solve real world problems by applying knowledge in school and conducting independent research. This is a departure from the traditional internship programs in China and an important innovation in applied education.

  • Speaker: Mr. Chung Tam, Executive Director of Sino American Logistics Council Co-presenter: Mr. Xu Dong, Vice President of Gtime Logistics

TOPIC TBD                            John Wu

  • 威斯康辛州立大学终身教授 Mei CaoDr. Mei Cao, Professor, University of Wisconsin Superior


  • Prof. Yan Jun, Dean of Business School, Jinan Vocational College

16:00-17:00 Panel Discussion ( 60 minutes )专家对话:欧美国家物流政策如何驱动物流业的效率提升及对中国的经验借鉴(70分钟)PPanePan

Innovation in Education – Hybrid teaching with U.S. and Chinese professors working together

The speakers were part of a joint pilot program by SALC and Jinan Vocational College to offer Chinese students an American-quality education in logistics management. Integrating distance teaching by American professors with local supervision by Chinese professors, using American teaching materials and teaching methods, the students were able to receive a high-level education while staying in China. The professors will discuss their experiences, lessons learned and challenges faced.


  • Dr. Haozhe Chen, Associate Professor, Iowa State University (Dr. Chen to give a presentation and an introduction first)
  • Dr. Feng Tian, Associate Professor, Governor State University
  • Faculty from Jinan Vocational College
  • Faculty from Shandong University of Finance and Economics


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