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American Logistics Education Partnership(ALEP)

About the American Logistics Education Partnership (ALEP)

The American Logistics Education Partnership (ALEP) is a network of professors and education professionals from leading American university programs focused on supporting and improving the quality of logistics and supply chain education in China.

ALEP serves as a platform for many-to-many relationships between Chinese programs and U.S. programs. ALEP provides Chinese schools a platform leading to broader cooperation with US schools in programs such as faculty exchange, internship abroad, joint research and publications, and joint conferences.

Leveraging the American education experience, ALEP has established a standard for world-class logistics and supply chain management education programs along with a framework for schools to progress towards meeting the requirements of the ALEP standards.

ALEP programs provides Chinese students pathways to American associate, bachelor’s, and post-graduate degrees, and facilitate simplified course articulation between Chinese and US schools.

Our goal is to prepare students for success in academics and career in logistics and supply chain management.

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