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Recent research reports

Food Safety, Security and Logistics in China:
Meeting the Cold Chain Challenge

China lacks proper refrigeration and cold chain handling for more than three quarters of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables moving from farm to fork within China. Spoilage rates exceed 30%, and contribute to increasing concerns about food safety and security. Apart from adding more physical assets such as refrigerated trucks
and warehouses, China must develop integrated food distribution systems that are designed to maintain proper temperature control throughout the transportation, storage and distribution process. The U.S., which leads the world in cold chain reliability and food safety, offers a valuable source of technical and design expertise
that could be adapted to create a strong food distribution network in China.

China introduces a new class of Non-Truck-Owning-Carriers
to reduce logistics cost and improve efficiency

In line with PRC’s 13th Five-Year-Plan and “Internet+” initiative, the Ministry of Transport launched the Non-Truck-Owning-Carrier program as a one-year pilot beginning December 2016. The goal of the program is to introduce innovation in surface transportation to enable the logistics industry to operate with low cost and high efficiency.

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