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About SALC

SALC’s History

The roots of the Sino-American Logistics Council extends back to when China’s logistics industry opened up to foreign logistics enterprises in 2005. The American Society of Transportation and Logistics (ASTL) established a representative office in China In 2006 to offer its widely recognized training and certification programs, and to promote US-China cooperation in the logistics field. The ASTL-China office established many platforms for bilateral dialogue between the two countries, sharing industry best practices and standards, and developing talent for the fast growing logistics industry. These initiatives included the prestigious Sino-American Logistics Conferences, hosting many government, education and industry exchange delegations to the U.S. To institutionalize ASTL-China’s leadership role in bridging the two countries’ logistics industries, the Sino-American Logistics Council (SALC) was established as an independent entity at the 2013 Sino-American Logistics Conference in Chicago.

SALC’s inaugural resolution was signed by two people who played an instrumental role in the historic resumption of maritime trade between the United States and People’s Republic of China; Mr. Stanley Barer, and Capt. Qian Yongchang. Mr. Barer and Capt. Qian paved the way for U.S. cargo vessels to sail to Shanghai in May 1979, and later brought the Chinese vessel Liu Linhai to Seattle. Capt. Qian is the Former Chinese Minister of Communications, and the first chairman of China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO). Mr. Barer is a maritime lawyer, business leader and Former Chief of Staff for Senator Warren Magnuson. At the conference, it was announced Captain Qian and Mr. Barer will serve as the honorary chairmen of the newly created Sino-American Logistics Council.

The Sino-American Logistics Council, LLC (SALC) was incorporated in the United States in January 2015 and is headquartered in Washington, DC.

The signing of the inaugural resolution by U.S. representative, Stanley Barer and China representative, Qian Yongchang at the 2013 Sino-American Logistics Conference in Chicago, IL.


“The Sino-American Logistics Council, LLC acts as a platform for business collaboration between the freight transportation and logistics industries in China and the United States, across all transportation modes, to adapt the knowledge, expertise and experience gained by the U.S. to develop innovative, long term business solutions to the transportation and logistics challenges that have been identified by China as keys to meeting its sustainable development goals.”

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