Guangli BAI

Mr. Bai, the Managing Director of Sino American Logistics Council, has been engaged in advanced logistics management, logistics theory, and logistics technology and equipment research for long time. His main focus includes fresh cold chain logistics and supply chain management, e-commerce logistics theory and practice, logistics network planning and design, operation management and performance control, logistics system diagnosis, supply chain optimization and integration.

He has served as Senior Vice President of COFCO,, and Mmbao, Executive General Manager of RuFengDa Express, Director of Logistics of Pengrun Investment (Gome Online), and Deputy General Manager of China Railway Express. Mr. Bai is a member of ALEP International Advisory Board and participated in the establishment of the industry-academia cooperation mechanism for the first Sino American Logistics Education program and helped the design of the Capstone internship project. Mr. Bai holds Senior Economic Analyst designation. He is a visiting professor for the School of Logistics of Beijing Wuzi University. He was one of the first generation of modern logistics managers from mainland China. He graduated from Beijing Wuzi University in 2000 with a major in logistics management and later obtained an MBA from the Open University of Hong Kong.


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