Laurie Denham

Laurie Denham (CAE, CTL), Executive Vice President at SALC, has been an association executive over 17 years. She was president of the American Society of Transportation and Logistics (AST&L) 13 years expanding the organization from a domestic to international association.

She developed partnerships with academia, governments, and other nonprofit association and grew the AST&L certification program to include vocational through post graduate students and professionals. . She managed the AST&L merger with APICS and remained as the Senior Director of Academic Relations. In addition to her responsibilities at SALC, Ms. Denham is the Principal of Denham Advisors focusing her consulting on multinational organizations with education offerings such as The Fresh Connection. Prior to her association experience, Ms. Denham founded the Choice for Temporaries, a US staffing company serving multiple industries in Washington DC, Chicago and San Francisco. She earned her Bachelor and Master’s degrees from the University of Tennessee.

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